the Francis kehoe barn

Located in Wainfleet, Ontario on a secluded 327-acre farm, Kehoe & Kin Wedding Barn is  surrounded by manicured lawns and lush farm fields with sprawling woodland in the distance. The ideal destination for weddings and private events, our Barn has been lovingly renovated inside and out, to maintain an authentic rustic feel but equally deliver all the modern amenities needed for a perfect boho country-chic affair. Original framing, barn board and rustic Edison bulb lighting is picture perfect from every angle and complemented by modern electrical and structural infrastructure to support the catering and event needs for up to 150 people.


main floor

A central ramp leads from our circular driveway and front lawn to the first and main floor event space making the main level fully wheelchair accessible. With approximately 2,179 square feet of open floor, the main level has room for your ceremony, dance floor or reception seating. There is also a enclosed space in the south-east corner of this level, perfect for a bar setup, coat check or catering staging area.

robyn+joe-FINAL-31 copy.jpg

second floor

A rustic staircase along the eastern wall leads to the second floor – a 640 square foot loft space that’s perfect for additional reception tables and seating or a casual more private lounge space.


third floor

A few more steps lead up to the 255 square foot third floor. Elevated above the main floor, it’s ideal for a dj to set up, speeches, lounge space, or for photographers to capture overhead views of your ceremony and reception.



While updates have been made to ensure modern comfort, great lengths have been taken to ensure the exterior of our century old barn maintain its original character to serve as the perfect backdrop for your special day adding rustic flair and 1920s character to your event.

As your guest approach the barn, they’ll be greeted by one of the most visually striking features of the Francis Kehoe Barn – the 16’ barn doors on the north side that serve as the main entrance.

Photo 2017-05-07, 12 41 57 PM.jpg

juliette balcony

Opposite those massive doors, a smaller sister door adorns the south side which, when opened, reveals a bucolic juliette balcony overlooking the nearby fields. In the summertime, opening both sets of doors allows a fresh breeze to flow through, helping cool the interior space.

Photo 2017-05-07, 12 42 47 PM.jpg

barn board

Our rustic barn board exterior is a mix of original lumber and new rough cut lumber sourced to match. Throughout, picturesque beams of sunlight filter through the cracks of the weathered exterior, illuminating the historic interior and providing further ventilation in hotter weather. Radiant heaters are available to warm guests like the sun in cooler autumn weather.

Photo 2018-05-26, 3 56 31 PM.jpg

new roof

Reroofed in 2018, our traditional gambrel roof is now a bright and beautiful white tin with newly added, traditionally-styled vents to improve the indoor climate and a goregeous central cupola adds a little southern flair to Southern Ontario.


open lawn space

West of the barn, there’s open lawn space that’s maintained to be the perfect spot for a tent or, on a sunny summer day, a breathtaking open air ceremony with a pastoral cropland backdrop.