family owned since 1974

In 1974, Thomas Francis Kehoe was driving down Dixie Road, a quiet county line in Wainfleet, ON., when he spotted two things: a ‘farm for sale’ sign and one helluva barn.

Drawn in by the sprawling property and colossal structure, Francis quickly made the purchase and began the story of Kehoe & Kin Farm. After years of farming there with his family, Francis passed the property to his daughter, Joanne, who took it as a place to start a family of her own. They continued to operate the farm for decades more until her eventual retirement from farming.

Joanne has the same love of the farm and it’s gorgeous structure which she couldn’t let go unused, so in 2011 she began restoring the barn to open it up for special events. They started with a yearly fundraiser, a few family weddings and then, as time went on and word spread, more and more people started asking to celebrate their special days at the Kehoe & Kin Farm.

Today, we welcome more guests every season and work constantly to make the Francis Kehoe Barn, and your special day, the best that they can be.